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It’s Christmas time in the Harris household and this year, Daddy Tip is rallying the whole family together to put on a toy drive as well as a play that was written by his son, Messiah and Messiah’s mother. “Does this mean we ain’t gon get no presents?” the toothless King asks his mom and dad during their family meeting (did I ever mention how much I love King?!). “Reminder: Christmas is not about money or toys, it’s about giving and baby Jesus” Domani tells his younger brother. Well put Domani! But you can’t help but to laugh at King’s cute little voice!

After the family agrees to bring Messiah’s story to life, the family gets together to practice their lines. Messiah’s mom explains where the idea for the story came from: Messiah’s boogers he leaves around the house and debris he leaves on the toilet seat, hence the main character in the story being a troll. Messiah is cast as the main character troll, while King is cast as the wolf and the rest of the family  members are various trolls in the forrest.

Tip explains that Messiah is different from the rest of his family because he’s a lot more quiet and reserved, so he’s hoping that this play will help bring him out of his shell.

It’s finally show time, and Messiah is still feeling a little nervous about his big growl during the play. After a little pep talk with Daddy Tip, Messiah seemed to get his swagger back and is ready to perform. The family gets into hair and makeup and comes out looking like a little family of Shreks, but cute!

The show goes on and everything runs smoothly (with the exception of King forgetting to prance on his sister on cue, but he’s just so cute that we let it slide) and even Messiah brings out his inner monster and puts on a heck of a growl!

The toy drive ends with Daddy Tip dressing up as Santa Claus and passing out toys to the kids. Feliz Navidad from the Harris Family!

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