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The last couple of days have proven to be intense for the ladies of Basketball Wives, mostly between Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams! They are currently on the set filming the forthcoming season of the huge reality series “Basketball Wives,” but Jenn and Ev can’t seem to keep it cordial!

NecoleBitchie caught up with Evelyn for an exclusive interview and boy is she mad!

I am f*cking pissed! I am beyond livid right now! You know what, I don’t really talk to a lot to people because it’s so stressful filming. So, by the time it’s done, I’m done with it. But this mothef*cker right here is doing interviews. She’s agreed to do every interview under the God dayum sun to remain relevant. So, if she wants to do an interview, we can do an interview.

Well first off, it looks as though Sister 2 Sister pulled down the article, and I’m not sure if she reached out to them

I’m going to tell you why…

So, my PR girl sends me the interview and says, “Well, apparently she thinks you’re jealous of her friendship with Nene [Leakes] and Mashonda.” I’m like, “Is this chick really bugging out?” We’re maybe two months into filming … You know what the real issue is by now, but she’s trying to make stuff up and act like I have an issue with Nene and Mashonda. So, I reached out to Nene and said, “I’m sorry to involve you in this, but I just want to make it very clear that I don’t have an issue with you. My issue with Jennifer has nothing to do with you or Mashonda.” I’ve met Mashonda. She’s cool, and I don’t have a problem with them or them hanging out [with Jennifer].

So you and Nene spoke?

Nene and I spoke on the phone yesterday. She was like, “I am so happy that you called me because I have had discussions with Jennifer, and I told her I know that Evelyn doesn’t have a problem with me. Why would she? I knew it wasn’t an issue with me, and I told her that.”

I don’t care who Jennifer hangs out with. I get it! You’re single. You’re having a good time. We’re in two different spaces right now, and frankly I don’t want to be in the club every night because my life is different.

Do you believe that when she tweeted “Hoes be winning” she was definitely sending subliminal shots to you?

To me that’s what it seemed like, but that’s not where the beef steamed from. If she wants to make that comment, she needs to be talking about her Goddamn self. That’s why I said on Twitter. “If you want to talk, then we can talk.” There’s this perception to the world that you’re this and that and you’re just coming out of a divorce–like, come on. I know what it is. And a lot of people in New York know what it is, Jennifer.

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