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After an intense therapy session with Dr. Sherry, the sisters feel as if they need a sisters retreat in order to reconnect with each other, have some fun and bring back that sisterly bond they had when they were younger. They decide to go to sunny Arizona and channel their inner cowgirl. Their first night out, they decide to go to a line dancing class. No Braxton family outing is complete without shots, so they first order of business is to hit the bar and let loose!

After a couple shots, the girls aren’t feeling the line dancing class anymore and decide to go back to the room and order room service and a cute waiter to go along with it. The girls all flirt with the waiter, (who’s still in his 20s) and after he admits that he’s into older women, the girls make it their duty to embarrass their oldest sister, Toni, and try and play cupid! Get your groove back, Toni!

The next day, the girls all meet for breakfast. Although Toni comes in late, the girls discuss their marriage problems and Toni reveals that her and Keri’s relationship is officially over. Everyone is shocked and a little sad, because they all seem to really like Keri, but they understand that it has to be for the best.

Later that day, the girls get ready to go horseback riding and have a little fun out on the ranch. Toni feels a little under the weather and decides to go to the spa instead of spending time with her sisters. The girls are upset, because they wanted to have this bonding time with everyone and especially because Toni basically bailed without telling them she wasn’t going to show.

The girls don’t let Toni’s absence ruin their day, and they have fun horseback riding, shooting guns and throwing axes. They really seemed to bond during their day outing and brought back their sisterly love they had for each other.

When it’s time for the girls to return home, Toni seems to isolate herself from the rest of her sisters, causing a bigger division between the group. Everyone seems a little disappointed that Toni is being distant, but they understand that her health comes first. The girls exchange friendship bracelets with each other before landing the plane, with Toni still sitting alone, missing out on the fun. Hopefully they’ll forgive Toni on next week’s episode!

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