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With 11 years under their Hermes belts, the ultimate power couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce have done the seemingly impossible. They dated, married and created a new life all while keeping their heavily publicized relationship 100% in tact. Back in 2002 when the couple first got together, when asked why Beyonce was the Bonnie to his Clyde, Jigga paused, laughed and after regaining his composure admitted that, “she’s a gangster and she goes hard.” It’s one of the most endearing moment’s we’ve seen in pop culture romances, solidifying just how unbreakable their bond is.

Why She Loves Him: Women typically always have an unbroken connection with their first. Beyonce made it big during her teenage years and really didn’t have the time to date like a boy-crazed adolescent. By the time she was 19, she was dating Jay-Z–one of the biggest hip hop heavyweights of our time and he set the standard for the superstar’s love life. “Fortunately I haven’t had any breakups. Jay Z is my first relationship,” Beyonce said in an interview with US magazine.

Why He Loves Her: Where there’s Jay’s love, there is respect and it’s not a secret that he respects everything about his wife’s hustler spirit and unwavering worth ethic. “What I’ve learned from her is similar to what I learned from Mike [Jackson] – and I know that’s blasphemy to compare the two because Mike was such an innovator – but I think she’s like the second coming,” said Jay-Z. “You know, the hard work and dedication that she puts into her shows. It just makes you want to work harder at your own craft. She’s like a machine,” he said in a radio interview with Miami’s 99 Jamz.

Why They Work: As frustrating as it is for the detail-hungry public, Jay and Bey manage to keep their very public lives a little bit private. Privacy can be the glue that holds this power couple together because when outside elements weigh in on your relationship, it causes a strain. How they can remain so allusive is beyond us, but we’ve witnessed it from the start of their union, to their wedding and to the birth of their first born. When Jay appeared on Oprah in 2009, he admitted, “When you live your life so out in the public, then your music and life are on display,” Hov added. “You need to separate from it. You can’t be in that light all the time. You need some type of escape from it. And that’s one thing that’s sacred and not in the public eye.”

Why We Love Them: Beyonce said it best, “The best thing about marriage is the amount of growth you have because you can no longer hide from your fears and insecurities. There’s someone right there calling you out on your flaws and building you up when you need the support. If you are with the right person, it brings out the best version of you.” These two lovebirds are inspiring. A lot of folks get married for the wrong reasons, Jay and Bey, waited, courted and realized that their love was everything each other needed. They provide one another with relationship essentials–support, growth and unconditional love.

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