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It seems like the Braxton sisters have been at each others throats lately and the claws definitely came out again on last night’s episode when Toni was invited to be inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Toni is of course thrilled, and wants her sisters to put on a surprise performance at the ceremony in her honor. Everyone is excited about the possibility of the performance but the thought of working together again puts them on edge, after all, you remember what happened with the LA performance when hurricane Tamar came through.

“I’m going to do my best to stay positive about this performance, but you know, when you get the four of us together, it always turns out to be a pile of bullsh*t. I’m just sayin’” Traci reveals during her confessional. But the girls put their big girl panties on and agree to do the tribute for their oldest sister.

The planning begins. Enter hurricane Tamar in 5…4…3…2….

Of course, Tamar begins bossing her sisters around, barking out orders and deciding how the show should be run. Traci basically decides that she has had enough of Tamar’s mouth and the two butt heads. Trina tries to be the peacemaker between her two sisters and especially for Tamar who is threatening to “hop on her hubby’s jet and go back  home”.

Finally, the drama ends and the girls decide to write a speech instead of doing a performance for Toni- less drama and less of Tamar’s mouth.

The time comes for the award show and Towanda gets a call from the show’s producers telling them that since they missed the rehearsals and couldn’t pull their tribute together in time, they won’t be able to do anything for their sister! The girls are mortified and feel very bad that they can’t do a tribute for Toni and avoid seeing her so they won’t have to break the news to her, at least until after the ceremony.

When Toni is getting ready to receive her award, she looks around and notices that her sisters are still in the audience. Even after she goes on stage to accept her award, she notices that her sisters didn’t even bother to come backstage to congratulate her. SMH.

“After the ceremony, none of my sisters even bothered to come backstage to see me. It was pretty devastating. They failed me on every possible level” Toni says about her sisters.

How sad!?

This calls for a therapy session ASAP! Enter Dr. Sherry, who is there to listen to the girls talk about their sisterly issues. Toni expresses her disappointment with her sisters for not being there on her big night. Tamar apologizes but then blames Towanda for them not being able to get the rehearsals done in time for the special tribute. Trina then reminds everyone that it’s not a single person’s fault but that the girls just can’t work together because their personalities clash too much.

Tamar seems to think differently about the situation as she stated, “Toni has the biggest ego out of all of us. We are all sharing the spotlight now, and maybe Toni don’t like that. Oops! Yes, I said it.”

Oh yes, she did!

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