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Last night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop” had me wondering where was the loyalty as it seemed as though if you didn’t choose a side in this whole Yandy vs. Chrissy fight then you were simply on the fence and going back and forth. Emily makes it clear that her loyalty lies with Chrissy (and I definitely don’t blame her) and Yandy then asks for Emily’s help to fix the situation. Emily’s response is simple, “ask Olivia, she’s both of yalls friend”. Well put Emily, because I sure wouldn’t want to be in the middle of this mess!

Yandy then goes to visit her mentor, Mona Scott, who tells Yandy like it really is. “That emotional *** has no business in your business” she explains to Yandy, which I have to agree with because it seemed like Yandy may have crossed or JUMPED the line a little bit by sending Jimmy an email about Chrissy.

Meanwhile, it looks like little miss Erica Mena is still somewhere off stirring the pot when she does an interview with Vibe magazine where she completely bad mouths Kimbella AGAIN after the two were just seen partying it up together in Miami. Tsk Tsk.

Olivia’s career looks like it might FINALLY take off when her manager tells her that has has a $1.5 million deal on the table. But Olivia isn’t sure if she wants to sign her life away just yet for something that might not work out. She tells Rich that she needs to sleep on it first before she makes a decision. Olivia, what is there to sleep on? You’re trippin!

Doesn’t look like Olivia will be getting that much sleep, because she goes on a lunch date with Emily and Chrissy when the subject of Yandy gets brought up again. Chrissy doesn’t like the fact that Olivia is playing both sides, and trying to be both of their friends. Chrissy politely tells Olivia, “You know what happens to people who play the middle?…I don’t need no weak people around me and I don’t need no sucker-ass people around me.” Looks like Olivia has a choice to make, and if she doesn’t want to get blown away by Hurricane Chrissy, I suggests she sides with her team.

On the other side of town, Yandy treats Mama Jones to a massage and tries to get her to talk about the whole battle between her and Jimmy and Chrissy. Yandy tells her that she doesn’t want to loose her, even though she is no longer working with Jimmy. Yandy is walking on a thin line ain’t she?

We haven’t explored the whole Emily and Fabolous situation in a while, so it was only right that Fab’s former assistant make an appearance on the show to talk to Emily about their relationship. Although Fab’s assistant meant well, the advice she was giving her was completely confusing and Emily said it best when she mentioned “Just because you’re famous doesn’t give you a pass…” Exactly!

“I needed him to realize what he’s done over the years and how it affected me…I want to be number one and the only one.” Emily went on to say. But Fab’s assistant won’t hear it, and keeps pushing her to go back to Fab. I don’t know, nine years of infidelity, not sure if I could handle it!

Kimbella got word of Erica’s Vibe Magazine interview and showed up at her birthday party to have a few words. I don’t know what it is about parties and public settings that makes Kimbella think it’s okay to have these heart to heart chats.

Of course, harsh words are thrown, and the argument rises to the point where Kimbella throws her gum at Erica! Shame on you Kimbella for thinking that Erica was your friend and shame on you Erica for STILL speaking on Kimbella! Sigh!

I can’t deal.

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