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All Hail King!! T.I & Tiny The Family Hustle

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Okay, can I just first say how OBSESSED I am with T.I and Tiny’s son, King?! He is the star of the show, and he won over the hearts of all of America (well at least everyone who watched last night’s episode) after his antics last night, so cute!

While T.I. was away, he appointed King as the leader of the Harris household and since T.I’s return home; King hasn’t been ready to give up the throne. I guess you could blame King’s spoiled behavior on Tiny’s mom, Mamaw, who basically spoiled him rotten while T.I was away. But how could you blame her? One look at that toothless smile and I’d give King anything he wanted also!

Tiny and Mamaw go out to dinner so Tiny can tell her mom the plan to get King back to his normal self. They’re enjoying a peaceful dinner but it doesn’t last long without a word from King, who calls Tiny to tell Mamaw to bring her butt home because he missed her. Ahh, I just want to pinch his widdle cheeks!

When King finally gets home from Mamaw’s house, he tells everyone that “I’m the king of this house” after first trying to steal some bacon while his mom was cooking breakfast and then eating while the family says grace.

But that’s not all, when Tiny tries to get King to pick up his clothes, he tells his mother, “this is a mansion, we got maids!” GASP!

Tip and Tiny try their best to over throw King’s reign of the house, but you can’t help but to laugh as his cute little face and toothless smile. Finally it’s bedtime for King and daddy Tip tucks him in saying that “sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do in order for it to make you stronger.”

“So, if I go to bed and I don’t want to it’ll make me stronger?” King asks his daddy.

“Yes.” Tip replies

“Well I guess I’m not gonna be stronger then!” HAHAH I LOVE KING!!!!

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