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“Mission Impossible — Ghost Protocol” actress Paula Patton and her singer hubby Robin Thicke are tax deadbeats who are facing a huge tax bill after failing to hand over more than $492000 in back taxes. They claim they didn’t “realize” they owed the money.

Officials at the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) filed a tax lien against the couple last month demanding payment for $492,583.

However, a representative for the “Precious” actress and her crooner hubby insists the bill will be taken care of as soon as possible, telling the Detroit News, “They were just made aware of the issue and it is being taken care of immediately.”

But Patton and Thicke aren’t the only celebrities that have had tax problems. Other celebrities in trouble with the IRS  include Wesley Snipes, Bow Wow, Toni Braxton, T-Boz, and Jermaine Durpi.

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