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Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran may be letting the rumors regarding he and Rihanna’s everlasting love get to her head. In a clip filmed back in October, she and two friends act silly, seemingly mocking Riri in what can only be described as a bad Bajan accent.

Recently, several stories have hit the net that have lead fans to believe that the former couple should (or at least want to) get back together:

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Draya Says Rihanna & Chris Brown Should Get Back Together

In the clip, Karrueche’s impression goes on for 3 minutes:

“Today is Halloween. Candies for the kiddies. For the children. I love them, they love me. I have boyfriend, he don’t love me. He don’t call her. No nothing. Nobody love us. Single. Single ladies. No ring. C’monnn. We’re sexy girls, but nobody love us.”

When her friend asks what song to play next, Karrueche says “Rihanna” and then continues her charade, referencing her hit song:

“I wish I was the only girl. Only girl in the world. But my boyfriend don’t love me. Why don’t he love me? Nobody love us? We’re sexy girls, but we’re ugly girls. We look like model. Why you no have boyfriend?”

When Rihanna’s “Hard” begins to play in the background, Karrueche mocks the intro:

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Do you think this was in bad taste?