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When Beyonce gives birth, the whole world stops. Or at least the service reportedly did in NYC’s Lenox Hill Hospital on the night of Saturday, January 7.

Just because the pop culture power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce dropped the $1.whatever million on securing an entire floor of Lenox Hill Hospital doesn’t mean that they got the entire hospital to themselves. Or did it? It’s been reported that other parents who delivered their children on that Saturday night couldn’t get to the neonatal unit to stare googly-eyed at their new bundles of joy for hours because Jay and Bey’s security blocked the area off.

Health department spokesman Michael Moran said they received two complaints about Lenox Hill Hospital. And now the hospital is claiming that Beyonce and Jay-Z paid the standard amount ($800/room/night) to secure an executive suite, but they won’t tell what that price was. Depending on how many suites were on that floor, the couple could have easily racked up a nice sized bill. In the words of Jay-Z, “Money talks, so talk mo’ bucks.”

Hospital spokeswoman, Barbara Osborn made a statement yesterday, stating the hospital’s executive director, Frank Danza was conducting an inquiry into the complaints about treatment of neonatal unit patients. “The internal investigation was prompted by my own viewing of the news stories, which had indicated there were more parents, and those parents were in communication and had concerns,” Danza explained.

Baby Blue Ivy’s already heating up the charts and the tabloids, like mother, like father, like daughter, I guess. Source & Source

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