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Chrissy, don’t punch nobody with that ring on! But I guess kicking is okay…

Last night’s “Love and Hip Hop” was a doozy! In the beginning I was an emotional wreck after hearing Jimmy confess his love for Chrissy in the moments leading up to the proposal, and towards the end I found myself confused and holding back laughter at Chrissy getting ready to give Yandy “the hands”. But before we get into that, the infamous Jim Jones shower scene.

Who knew he was working with all that?

Moving along, Jimmy took his talents to South Beach along with all of Chrissy’s closest friends and of course Mama Jones to witness his hood proposal. “I was fortunate enough to end up with Chrissy as my lady. That’s like the princess kissing the frog. I got my own fairy tale going on,”  he tells camera’s. That’s that thug love, and it’s just so freakin’ cute!

Meanwhile in Miami, Olivia is getting ready for an upcoming show that was set up by Rich Dollaz and Rico Love. Although Olivia did amazing on her performance (my opinion anyway) Rich and Rico thought otherwise, saying that she was smiling too much on a sad song. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for Olivia.

Kimbella is also in Miami and she uses this as an opportunity to link with her mother, Sherry Vanderhee. Kimbella reveals to her mother how she had a horrible upbringing and felt as if she had to raise herself and her siblings without the help of her mother or father. Kim’s mother seems sweet and understanding, and after years of differences, they hug it out and move on.

Teiarra and Emily decide to have a one on one dinner together so that Teiarra can pick Emily’s brain about her relationship with Fab. Emily bursts into tears while trying to explain to Teiarra that she can’t live without Fabolous, “The reason I left was to see if I could do it on my own and be without him and…I can’t” She explains. Oh Emily.

Yandy takes this Miami trip as an opportunity to reconcile things between Kimbella and Erica. She brings the two together and surprisingly, they come to an understanding, not a friendship, but an understanding, and agree to tolerate each other (at least for the remainder of this episode).

The girls head to a party where of course, Chrissy and her posse and her new bff, her diamond engagement ring, are waiting. When Chrissy and Yandy make eye contact, shots are immediately fired! Chrissy gets on the phone immediately and calls Jimmy, telling him that if he doesn’t do something that she’s “going to kill her”. Security is called, somehow Chrissy breaks loose and proceeds to KICK Yandy! She’s escorted out of the club but will not leave the premises until she sees Yandy leaving the building.

Security comes and escorts Yandy through the back door, so that she won’t run into Chrissy or her “hands” out front. Yikes!

Drama drama drama!

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