Tamar, Tamar, Tamar… can’t work with her, can’t work without her! On this week’s episode of “Braxton Family Values”, the sisters (minus Toni) are preparing for a performance in New York City. Only problem is, the show is in three days and the girls are very ill-prepared (as Trina would day) and haven’t practiced singing or dancing with each other in years!

They hire their family friend and vocal coach to try and whip them into shape. Of course Tamar has a mouthful for the vocal coach, and tells him that she thinks they need to be moving at a faster pace in order to be fully prepared for the show. The two butt heads until Tamar finally sits back and relaxes… for now.

When the sisters go to dance class to learn the steps for their routine, everything  seems to be running smoothly until Towanda drops a bomb on the other girls and tells them that she will be leaving LA in a few hours to go home and take her children to their first day of school. “WHAT?!” Tamar screams because she is NOT having it. Tamar goes off about Towanda’s un-professionalism and Towanda comes back with telling Tamar that the reason all of her groups failed in the past was because of her funky attitude. Tamar storms off refusing to practice for the rest of the day but doesn’t leave without saying, “Send Tamar a postcard boo, because she won’t be attending!!” (my favorite line of the night!)

Towanda eventually reschedules her flight, and all is well with the girls for the time being. The day of the show finally comes, and after a small wardrobe malfunction, they hit the stage and did an amazing job!

Working together lead the girls to rethink the Braxton Family Album just because there is so much bickering and differences between the girls, although I think a Braxton Family Album would be amazing!

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