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Tattoos are having the best week ever! First, Drake’s fanatical fan gets his name tatted on her forehead, then Drake gets inked with fallen R&B princess Aaliyah on his back. We know that Drake has a love affair going on with the could-have-been legendary singer, but I guess we didn’t know just how deep his love for Aaliyah went. Well, it’s deep enough to make it a permanent statement.

Rappers and tattoos are synonymous, so it’s not like Drake’s tribute to Aaliyah was completely shocking, but it seems like he should have gotten something else before he inked her likeness all over his back. Here are a few ideas of the tats Drake could have gotten instead.

1. You Only Live Once

Ok, so movie star and teen heart throb, Zac Efron even got himself a Drake-inspired tattoo. The mantra “You Only Live Once” aka “YOLO” was made popular by the Canadian born rapper on his collaborative mixtape with Rick Ross in the song “Lord Knows.” Drake’s lyrics do make for interesting tattoos. Maybe he needs to get one of his best lines tatted on him. It’d be hard to choose.

2. Momma’s Boy

Drake’s relationship with his mother is so refreshing. You can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats his mother. She’s his queen, so any girl that actually lands the Take Care rapper is a lucky chick. We all know of that cliche “mom” tattoo and since Drake’s so good at remixing, it would have been nice to see him pay homage to the woman that he loves with all his heart – even more than Aaliyah.

3. Heavenly Body

The Drake and Serena Williams love affair isn’t a secret anymore and we all know that Drake appreciates an amazing physique, so a tattoo of a dangerously curvy silhouette seems like a great choice for Drizzy.

Drake Gets Aaliyah Tattoo On His Back

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