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This week in the Harris household, we learned the importance of sticking together as a family, and that through hard work and dedication you too can make $17,000 in cash in about two hours and give it to your children to play with, just like daddy Tip.

After learning this life lesson with T.I’s sons, King and Domani, we learned that Domani wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a rapper. Domani tells his dad that he’s been working on a song, and that he wants T.I to collaborate on the song, because, well, he’s his father.  “What makes you think you can afford me?” Tip asks Domani in which Domani snaps back with, “Because you’re my pops!” DUH!

On a serious note, T.I really wants his sons to follow their dreams but he wants to make sure that they are doing it for the right reason. When T.I asks Domani why he wants to rap, Domani responds with, “I want to get paid for it….You rap about stuff that’s happened to you. Nothing really happens to me. Because I’m ten”. Sounds like a good enough reason to me!

But like any father, that’s not good enough for Tip and he makes his son spend time in the studio, writing his own lyrics and then gives him a little lesson on stage presence.

Before you know it, it’s time for Domani’s first performance. Lucky for him, he’ll be performing on the same stage as his older sister who’s a member of the group the OMG Girlz and his pops right by his side.

Domani admits he’s a little nervous about his first performance. Unfortunately, Tip can’t help him calm his nerves because he doesn’t even remember what being nervous feels like.  “I don’t even remember my first performance, I don’t ever remember being nervous, so I can’t really relate to him being nervous. I’ve been nervous going to court. If he was going to court and was nervous, I’d was like ‘I know how you feel.” Tip said before Domani’s show.

When Domani finally hit the stage, he performed like a pro, and you could see the pride in Tip’s eyes as he watched his son Domani a.k.a D-Money and all that swag get the crowd jumping. “He handled himself like a star!” T.I said after Domani’s show.

Make this moment reason number 29172848739 why I love this family..

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