Here at HelloBeautiful we just love celebrating Black love. Each week we profile newly engaged couples as they describe the moment he decided to “Put A Ring On It”.

His Story:

Tiffany and I were high school sweethearts and have maintained that love over the past eight years. Even in high school, marriage was discussed, but we has no idea we would stay together this long to make that transition. I am so proud and honored that we have lasted this long.

The day of the proposal was a day I will never forget. Before I asked the epic question, I would give hints something special would happen soon. My hints were subtle and she did not suspect what exactly I had planned, it was perfect.

The Cheesecake Factory is where it all happened and I had to insist that she get all dolled-up! It took some time to make the decision on who to share this moment with me and Tiffany. I finally decided to invite close friends who knew us and of our relationship. After we arrived to the restaurant, I felt knots in my stomach tighten as I prepared for the perfect time to ask.

I had the waitress put the engagement ring on top of Tiffany’s dessert. When the dessert came out and was placed before my fiancé her eyes began to tear. Right as she turned to me I asked her “Tiffany, will you marry me?” Without a moment of hesitation she said yes and I am so excited to continue our lifetime of happiness together.

Her Story:

I remember the day like it was yesterday the date was March 5, 2011, it was the day I became the fiancé of my high school sweetheart, Julian.

Two of our friends were going to come out to have dinner with us at The Cheesecake Factory. I just thought it was a regular night out with friends but Julian kept saying to ‘dress up’ and I did.

I suspected something was up because he wanted me to dress nicely but I was not sure what it could be. We all ate and had fun that night and towards the end the waitress came out to ask if we would stay for dessert. After a short pause we all decided to stay to have our sweets. We all ordered cheesecake and the one that I ordered was a peanut butter chocolate with Reeses pieces. When our cheesecakes come out I noticed that mind looked a little different, something was on top of it. With a closer look I saw that there was an engagement ring on top my cheesecake. I quickly turned to Julian after noticing a ring and he asked me to be his wife and I started crying like a baby and said “yes.” From high school sweethearts to an engagement based on love.

The couple plans to marry sometime next year. Congrats to Tiffany and Julian for sharing their story of black love!

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