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Usher’s ex wife of two years Tameka Foster seems to be unraveling lately and the root of her undoing is Usher. Their rocky marriage came to an end in 2009 and the two are still at odds. They’ve become their very own version of “War of the Roses.” Tameka seems to be blaming her baby daddy for everything and the poor thing seems to be coming apart at the seams. Here are seven signs of Tameka’s personal apocalypse.

1. Twitter Rants

When you take to Twitter to express your anger over your ex’s ex (Chili), it’s clear that you’re starting to unravel and want to get your point across no matter the medium.

2. The Raymond v. Raymond Album Aftermath

Usher’s no stranger to letting life imitate art. He released his album Raymond v. Raymond last year when he and Tameka weren’t even divorced yet. Having your broken marriage aired to the world before you’re even aware of it has to be heartbreaking and a catalyst for a breakdown

3. Financial Troubles

Usher started to cut his ex-wife off financially and among those newly-canceled credit cards was her Saks 5th Avenue. Tameka claimed Usher would never do such a thing and she’s pissed she can’t enjoy the card’s special benefits. Seriously Tameka, haven’t you earned your own big money as a celebrity stylist? Making this a part of your claims against him for divorce makes you sound petty.

4. Child Custody Lawsuits

About a week ago, Tameka filed a lawsuit to strip Usher of his custody because she claims that he’s not following the agreements they’ve had. Tameka whines that Usher won’t pay for her nanny support, won’t consult her before hiring his own nanny, won’t let her get first dibs on the kids when he’s away longer than 8 hours, and more frivolous requests. Usher is a man that loves his children and it’s clear that Tameka’s custody threats were a result of her wanting more of Usher’s successful Justin Bieber duckets. Tameka feels that since Usher has become more successful, his kids (read: she) should reap the benefits too. More money-hungry motivated claims. Tameka, are you serious?

5. Subliminal Messages

Could Tameka be taking underhanded jabs at her ex with this one? She certainly received tons of replies claiming Usher was one of the “undercover” types that she needed help identifying. When you’re a verified Twitter user, you may want to think twice about what you tweet and the fact that Tameka didn’t speaks volumes of her own undoing.

6. Crazy Claims

Tameka is now attacking her ex’s reputation, demanding that he get drug tested asap. She claims that the “Without You” singer is popping pills around their sons. Usher refuses to submit to her “frivolous and unfounded” claims and says she is only trying to harass and embarrass him.

7. Delusion & Denial

Recently, Tameka took to Twitter again–this time to proclaim that she’s not doing any of this custody mess for media attention and that she hasn’t said anything negative about her ex. Seriously? This entire post says otherwise Tameka. Clearly, she’s delusional and coming undone, slowly but surely.

What do you think? Is Tameka Raymond slowly unraveling, showing the world more of her money-hungry, petty side? Or is her main concern her children and as a mother, she’s doing everything she can to protect them?

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