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drakeSubtweets are always entertaining to investigate. The latest culprits? Drake and Maliah. The tweet that Drizzy sent to his ex stripper girlfriend makes him seem a little hurt that she’s not dealing with him anymore. And why isn’t Maliah dealing with the YMCMB rapper? Evidently Drake’s disrespectful and a cry baby.

Drake is not stranger to tapping into his emotions, which is a refreshing quality for a lyricist because it allows us to truly connect to his lyrics, but hip-hop critics (read: purists) call him “soft” and complain about Drake for reliving heartbreak and relationship’s disappointments. So do his exes. Drake’s love interests are always big interest for gossip bloggers (we’re no different; well, maybe a little).

Instead of nitpicking who Drake’s dating–and since his lyrics are so telling of what he does in relationships–I decided to take some of his lyrics and decipher exactly what Drake has done wrong in his relationships–and what he could do better.

1. “Thrill Is Gone” from Room For Improvement

I Guess In My Southern Eyes That She Decent Maybe

Well Second Thought If We Have It Then She Can Keep The Baby

Cuz She Ain’t Give Me The Butterflies That Alicia Gave Me

It’s Like I’m Using Some Bread To Sop Up Some Decent Gravy

Now I’m Out Of Both And I’ve Been Thinking Of Alicia Lately

I’m All Alone, I Got A Feeling It’s On

Cuz Nowadays Most Of The Thrill Of Chillin’ Is Gone

Ever notice how men seem to move on from a failed relationship a lot quicker than women? Most times women need to heal emotionally before starting something new and men need a distraction from their feelings. Drake used the “decent” chick to get over Alicia.

Lesson to learn: Take some time to get over your ex before moving on to the next. No one ends up with the rebound.

2. “Video Girl” from Room For Improvement

And She Simply A New Model

Stay Spendin’ Dollars

But She Got Less Sense Than A Empty Perfume Bottle

At Times She A Solid Chick

And I’m A Sucka For The Cuties

So She Always Lookin’ Good When My Wallets Thick

If rappers, actors and the like didn’t fall for the Superhead type, there’d be no Superhead to reference. So, of course it happens. Drake even found himself with his own video girl/reality star–Cat Washington and he’s proven that he loves to go for the types that are after his wallet.

Lesson to Learn: It shouldn’t ever be only about the physical. Of course we have to be attracted to our mate, but there should be something between you beyond the surface.

3. “Closer” from Comeback Season

Ex girl strippin’

I can’t stop her

New girl trippin’ but I can’t drop her

‘Cause I need somethin’ to balance out the fact

That it’s hard to find a woman when you talented and black

It seems like Drake just chooses the wrong girls, no? Strippers don’t make good girlfriends. Point. Blank. Period.

Lesson to learn: Don’t assume just because you are on a higher level than most that you can’t find quality, but also realize that because of who you are and what you have, part of them will be attracted to you because of that.

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4. “Replacement Girl” from Comeback Season

I’m far from the man that I used to be

And I don’t ever really kick game,

And I know you find it impressing when you’re introduced to me

Confidence in oneself is necessary, but that thin line between confidence and cockiness is virtually invisible and cocky doesn’t work for many women. (Correction–yes it does).

Lesson to learn: Don’t ever think you’re too fly to have to try with women. We love romance and if we see your effort, you’re golden. You get nowhere if you don’t try.

5. “Don’t You Have a Man” from Comeback Season

Well, I’ma give it to you, honeybunches

You feel it all under ya ribs like some tummy crunches

All my other girls all up on that subtle shit

They don’t wanna cut it, they wanna wrap it and cuddle with

Men and sex may as well be synonymous. They think about it all the time. It’s the “thing” your mom warned you they’d always be after. Some women don’t mind being their sexual object, but most women want you to want them to go deeper than what’s between our legs.

Lesson to learn: Women are more than sexual objects and if you make an effort to care about the things they care about, you’d probably get a lot farther than ever before. Also, it doesn’t hurt to cuddle.

6. “Missin’ You” from Comeback Season

I’m scared that every girl I care for

Will find a better man and end up happier in the long run

For someone so confident, Drake shows a lot of insecurities when women are involved. It’s endearing to see all of these emotions from a man, although sometimes he can get a little mopey.

Lesson to learn: You can’t be in a relationship if you’re worried about the next man. That will give her ammunition to fight and a reason to leave you. You’ve got to enjoy the hear and now.

7. “Bria’s Interlude” from So Far Gone

I`m aware that we just met,

I don`t wanna leave you yet,

Promise that I won`t forget,

Don’t get confused, although women love the romance, we typically ignore the guy that’s clinging upon first sight.

Lesson to learn: Giving a woman all of your attention is the quickest way to lose her attention.

8. “Fireworks” from Thank Me Later

You could have been the one but it wasn’t that serious

There was smoke in the air before now its me clearing it

That felt good, all and all I learned a lesson from it though

You never see it coming you just get to see it go

Drake’s pride seems to always get the best of him. How, in one breath, could someone be the one, then not that serious? You really liked her, it didn’t work out, but don’t come back with, “It wasn’t that serious” when you knew it was.

Lesson to learn: Drake says he’s learned his lesson from this one, so does that mean we can count on him not to reflect negatively when relationships don’t work out?

9. “Karaoke” from Thank Me Later

I know they say the first love is the sweetest

But that first cut is the deepest

I tried to keep us together you were busy keeping secrets

Secrets you were telling everybody but me

Relationships are built on trust and if you can’t trust the person you’re with, what are you doing with them?

Lesson to learn: Don’t stay somewhere when you know the person you’re with doesn’t have qualities you like, especially when it’s something basic like honesty.

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10. “The Real Her” featuring Andre 3000 and Lil’ Wayne

You got your guards up, I do too. There’s things we might discover

Cause you got a path and I do too, we’re perfect for each other

We all start relationships with our guards up, but if we are to open up to our mate, we have to put them down. Drake’s right on with this one, however, there is a lesson here.

Lesson to learn: Never assume someone is perfect for you before they’ve let their guard down.

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