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Going out to eat with your little one isn’t always an easy task. Some places aren’t as kid- friendly as we would like. I have three great places that I like to take my daughter that I think might help relieve some of the stress of feeding your tiny picky eater.


Chick-fil-A has two great things. First, they have healthy food options for kids. Instead of getting french fries on the side, my daughter actually prefers the fruit cups or the yogurt. And instead of soda, they have juice, milk or you could just get water. All of these food options are great for your growing kids. This is a nice change up from the greasy menu at McDonald’s or somewhere similar.

The second great thing about Chick-fil-A is their indoor playground. What kids doesn’t like a playground? Plus, having it indoors allows me to keep an eye on your kid. It’s perfect. Sometimes my daughter finishes her food before me, so I always try to choose a spot close to the glass window so that I can watch my daughter as she plays. Then I can eat, work, etc.

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Local Pizza Joint

A local pizza place is always an easy place to take your kids. First, what kid doesn’t like pizza!? Pizza is cheap, good and fast. My favorite three words! Pizza is a sneaky way to get most of the food pyramid in your kid’s diet. Second, local pizza restaurants are usually very family friendly. So you don’t have to really worry if your child gets a little rowdy. Plus the menu also appeals to adults. You can’t really go wrong.

Kid’s Cafes

Small businesses are opening up that cater to the kids and the parents around where I live. They are called kid cafes. Basically they are indoor play areas that also have internet cafes. While the kids play, the parents can do a little internet surfing while enjoying a cup of coffee or a light lunch. There is a small fee to play for the day or some places offer monthly or yearly memberships. Just to give you an example of one. Here is a place I take my daughter, it’s called the Kid’s Hub Café. She loves it and so do I.

Where are some places you love to take your kids to eat?

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