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Today my 3 month-old daughter is taking her first plane ride. Following in her brother’s footsteps, Sabrina is taking a trip to Miami, Florida with my wife for her godson’s First Communion. Justin’s first trip was a flight to Miami at around 3 months old for that same godson’s baptism almost seven years ago.

Things have changed just a little bit in the time since Justin’s trip. Back then we actually bought him his own ticket and sat him comfortably in his car seat during the flight. The budget didn’t allow for a separate seat for Brina this time around, so she is going to be snuggled up with mommy. While Justin’s was a post-9/11 flight wrought with all the drama that comes with it, the rules for flying with breast milk have been relaxed a bit [click here for info] . Basically, the a-holes are no longer making mothers taste their own milk to make sure it isn’t explosive.

As the Daddy who is staying home, my responsibilities are fairly light. I’m home with Sabrina today while Mel runs some last minute errands, and I will be driving them to the airport. After that, Justin and I will succumb to a Nintendo Wii-induced coma before I glue my eyes to the television for the NBA playoffs.

With the weather getting warmer, some of you may be taking your babies on their first flights soon, so I’ve provided some great web resources for you:

Safe travels!

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