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The folks over at Livesteez.com have brought up a really good question: Are Black Men Apprehensive About Toys in the Bedroom?

The reality is that most of men’s apprehension can stem from feelings of inadequacy in the bedroom. I’ve heard men say that they sometimes feel threatened by a vibrator, for example, as if the toy could potentially replace them as a lover. The truth of the matter is that if sex toys could replace human beings then we wouldn’t have relationships at all. With today’s technology people can get pregnant without engaging in physical intercourse and women are more often the breadwinners and are fully capable of supporting themselves in the world — the need to have a partner is not this practical, it’s emotional and physical.

My word out to all the men who may stumble across this article is to relax and know that your woman could never replace you with a piece of plastic and a motor. If your partner would like to introduce toys into your sex life it’s probably because she wants to share her excitement and pleasure with you. Remember, the most important thing is to listen to your partner and communicate with them so you are giving them everything they want and could ever imagine.

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So ladies, is your man comfortable with toys in the bedroom? Men, would you feel comfortable using toys with your woman? Speak on it!

Click here for info on how to talk to your kids about sex!

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