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Geraldo Rivera on his show apologizing to Travyon Martin's parents.Geraldo tweeted recently that the only reason to wear a hoodie was when it was raining and his tweets summed up to: Trayvon Martin was killed because he was wearing a hoodie. Now he apologizes to Travyon’s parents on his show. “I never intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. Tracy, Sybrina, I never intended to hurt your feelings. I want to personally convey my deepest apologies to both of you. I am sorry, if anything I said, Tracy, added to your misery.”

They accepted his apology. Tracy expressed that it was raining that night Trayvon was shot and that being in a hoodie in the rain isn’t a crime. Can I just say one thing? Can we arrest George Zimmerman already and let Trayvon Rest In Peace?

Video Shows No Blood Or Bruises On George Zimmerman

Skittles Asks Facebook, “What Would Someone Need To Do To Get Your Last Pack Of Skittles?”

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