President Obama isn’t only a leader but a great family man! We see that by how he treats his wife, the gaze they share as they walk into any public arena.

From those questions we have learned that Michelle and Barack’s first date was to a museum and that he once attempted to braid daughter, Malia’s hair!

President Obama on his first date with Michelle

Our first date, I took her to the art museum, or the art institute, so I was trying to impress her and show her I was a real culturally sensitive guy. And it worked. So I’m giving tips to the young men out there…

Michelle on what she enjoys the most about being the First Lady

It’Ps the power of the big bright light that you have on things that are important and really being able to make a difference.

President Obama on braiding Malia’s hair before taking her to dance practice

My favorite story out of this is Malia, when she was 4, she had a little dance thing. Well, Michelle was gone that weekend so I’m taking her to ballet. And I get her in her little leotard and her little stuff. I did her hair, put it in a little bun. We get to the dance studio and one of the mothers there right away comes up to Malia – she thinks she’s out of earshot of me and she says, ‘Sweetie, do you want me to redo your hair?’ And Malia who she’s 4 says, ‘Yes please, this is a disaster’ you know, she didn’t want to hurt daddy’s feelings.

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