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drakeRapper Drake has accomplished a lot within his short time in the public eye. With the fame also comes scrutiny and judgement. He has been labeled “soft” and “emotional” but according to Drake he isn’t “soft” at all! In a recent interview with The Guardian, conducted in his home he tells his side of the “Vibe incident” that painted him as a diva, his less than casual drug use, and being labeled as emotional!

On his recent ordeal with Vibe:

I didn’t like the way I was treated. They ran this story about how I’m the most bitter guy, and my life is in turmoil. And I’m, like, a very happy 25-year-old kid living an amazing life. They tried to put a damper on my character, I guess because I didn’t play according to their rules.

On negative comments from his critics:

“I can’t lie to you. I read what they have to say and it’s … character-building. There have been times when a negative comment about me would be the be all and end all, and I’d wonder, Why do you hate me so much? Why would you tell me that you want to kill my mom or see me dead? It’s scary for me to say this on record, but artists are only human, and we seek validation like everyone else. You just have to come to the conclusion that it’s OK, there are going to be people who like you and people who don’t. Luckily there are millions of people who love me and a few who don’t. No one ever says anything to me in person. I mean, I’ve had it happen to me before but it’s just silly, like, ‘Oh Drake, you’re a pussy!’ and then they drive off really fast. But I get it, man. It’s being young. It’s funny. If I wasn’t in this position, would I do dumb sh*t? Maybe.”

On people hating on his showing of emotions:

“There are people who really hate me and everything I stand for, like, ‘He’s so soft’. But I’m not soft. I’m just not one of those people who’s closed off emotionally. I went through too much with my father and my mother, watching her go through her shit and be hurt … I’ve seen too many people cry. Plus, I’ve had too many girls to ever feel uncomfortable about the man that I am.”

On his rumored drug use:

“Have I sipped codeine before? Yeah, of course. Have I smoked weed? Yes. Do I drink wine? Yes. But do I do it excessively? No. I’m not a reckless guy. I do it all within moderation. I’m not into drugs.” He realizes what he has just said, and bursts out laughing, as do his crew. “I mean any outside the ones I just mentioned. Nah, that’s not me. I care too much about what I have. I’m not going to throw it away for that.”

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