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What are best friends for! Lala and Kelly Rowland have been besties since they were teenagers, and with Kelly’s birthday coming up, Lala is planning something extravagant for her closest friend, after all the two haven’t missed each others birthdays ever. Aside from it being Kelly’s birthday week, Kelly is also being honored as Essence’s Woman of the Year which makes it safe to say that Kelly is having the greatest week ever. Since Lala is extremely busy this week, she sends her side kicks, Dice and Po to look for Kelly’s birthday present.

Kelly already has everything, so it’s a little hard to think of a nice present for her. Dice and Po go on an adventure and find a couple things that they’re sure that Kelly will love. They bring their gifts back to Lala who is excited at their findings, and excited to give them to her bestie. All is well until Lala gets a call that she is going to be walking in a fashion show in NY Fashion Week. She’s uberly excited about this opportunity, but disappointed when she finds out that the show is the same day as Kelly’s birthday party! Dice comes up with the idea that they should hop on the red eye flight back to LA after La’s fashion show in NY to be there in time for Kelly’s birthday. Lala agrees, but decides to tell Kelly that she won’t be there for her birthday, so that she can surprise her in LA!

The fashion show goes great, and Lala looks stunning, and is super happy because she doesn’t trip over her long dress. They head back to LA on the red-eye and get to Kelly’s birthday party on time to surprise her. The only problem is when they arrive, nobody is there! Lala asks the waitress where everyone is, and the waitress tells her that Kelly canceled the birthday party, thinking that Lala wouldn’t be able to make it. Lala, Po and Dice decide to go to the studio where Kelly is working and surprise her in the lobby with balloons and all her presents. When Kelly walks in, she is super surprised when her besties appear out of no where! They all go to dinner to celebrate Kelly’s birthday, and give Kelly her presents, which she loves! Looks like Lala is a great bestie to have!

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