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Continuing on with Shaunie’s birthday party, last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives” began with Evelyn, Shaunie and Ev’s assistant (side-note: why does Ev need an assistant again?) waiting outside for Jen to come out of the restaurant so Ev and Jen can fight. Tami and Kenya eventually join the girls outside while Suzie and Jen stay inside waiting for the whole thing to blow over. Kenya attempts to give Ev a little advice on similar situation she had with a friend, but since no one appreciates Kenya’s presence in the first place, Tami politely tells Kenya to shut up. Eventually, Ev gives up and  just leave the scene, leaving Jen and everyone else involved in the situation safe and unharmed. Jen is just as confused as we are as to how and why the situation went down the way it did, and it only solidifies her reasoning not to be friends with Ev ever again.

The following day, Suzie meets with Ev to discuss the Kesha and Tami situation, and Suzie reveals that Kesha is a little more stressed about the whole Tami situation than we thought. She also tells Ev that Kesha felt disrespected by Ev also, which doesn’t sit too well with Evelyn. Sigh, Suzie, are we back to having diarrhea of the mouth again?

After her meeting with Ev, Suzie then goes and meets with Kesha and Royce and they discuss the situation at Shaunie’s birthday party. Royce’s response? “The behavior at this dinner that Suzie is describing is sadly expected,” she says, seeming more than happy that she is no longer apart of this infamous “circle”.

Speaking of the “circle”, we all know who won’t be joining the circle anytime soon, and that is little miss, Kenya. Apparently, Kenya did a radio interview where she bashed all of her fellow cast members, and when the radio hosts said negative things about the other girls, Kenya laughed her way through the interview and didn’t try and defend the other girls, similar to when she laughed her way through the dinner argument with Kesha and Tami.

Tami and Ev meet with Kenya (what is up with all these meetings on this episode?) and ask her point blank if she is cool with Kesha. Kenya tells them that she isn’t cool with Kenya at all, but a few episodes ago Kenya told Suzie that she and Kesha were cool again. Kenya, get your story straight girl! “How could you be one way while we’re sitting there having this discussion, but then when we leave, it’s all totally different? Who are you?” Ev asks Kenya. Good question, because inquiring minds want to know. Ev suggests that Kesha and Kenya have a sit down to lay everything out on the table, but Kenya warns that things might go down if Kesha lies one more time. (I can’t keep up with whats a lie and whats the truth anymore!)

The time comes for the “sit down” and it looks like it’s going to be round two of Shaunie’s birthday dinner, this time between Kesha and Kenya. As soon as the meeting begins, things immediately go left when Kenya confesses to talking about Kesha to her face, but then tries to throw Kesha under the bus by saying that she was talking about Tami. Kesha doesn’t deny it, and says, “Yes, I talked about her, she sat there and called me a b—h four times in a row! I’m not phony, I would rather walk out with my dignity than put someone in their place!”

Things escalate between the girls to the point where Kenya does the ultimate black move and takes her shoes off. Kesha attempts to get up and leave the situation, but after being persuaded to stay, she lays everything on the table and tells Ev that Kenya has called her loose. Kenya tries to explain her statement, but starts stammering over her words. Ev has had enough of this and says, “I feel you have no loyalty to nobody, you’re not to be trusted!” Poor Kenya, you’ll never make it in the circle now.

What did you think about this weeks episode?

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