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On last night’s season finale of “Braxton Family Values”, we saw the Braxton sisters getting ready to begin a new chapter in their lives. Tamar and Vince have decided that it’s time to begin a family, and come to the conclusion that they want to go the “popsicle” route and as Tamar put it, “freeze it and plant it when they’re ready”. They visit Tamar’s  OBGYN, Dr. Jackie, who suggests that Tamar begin taking fertility treatments to help her get pregnant. Tamar is afraid to take the treatments because she’s worried that it will make her fat and she won’t be able to “drop it like it’s hot anymore”.

The sisters all head to L.A where Towanda reveals that the whole family is going to be on Dr. Phil and then Trina tells everybody about her upcoming show in Atlanta. Trina feels a little hurt that her sisters don’t support her and her band, but hopes they will be able to make the performance. While in L.A, Tamar takes all the girls shopping, and expresses her concern for not being able to carry her own baby. Towanda assures Tamar that she will be the surrogate mother of Tamar’s child if need be, which makes Tamar feel so much better. She won’t have to lose that nice shape of hers!

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After their appearance on Dr. Phil, the girls go to lunch with Mommy. Toni continues to tell Trina how much she doesn’t like the band that she’s apart of, and Tamar chimes in and says that Trina deserves better than the band. The girls get into a small argument where Trina tells them how hurt she was that only Towanda came to her graduation and how none of her family supports her. Mommy ends the argument very quickly, by telling them that they are sisters and they should all be there for one another and supportative of each of their accomplishments.

The girls then go to Atlanta for Trina’s performance. Trina rocks the stage, and receives a standing ovation from her family members. Trina is so happy that her whole family could attend, even Daddy showed up! Backstage after the performance, Gabe comes in and congratulates Trina on her show, but Trina doesn’t seem to feel anything when she sees her husband. At that moment, she knew that it was time to make a decision based on her marriage.

The girls meet for one last dinner in Atlanta when Trina drops the bomb on her family that she is filing for divorce. The sisters are happy that Trina is ending her drama filled relationship with her husband, but also feel bad for Trina and her children. Trina, on the brink of tears, is happy that her family is there to support her, but also sadden at the thought of ending her marriage with Gabe and the father that her children have known for eleven years.

Do you think it’s time for Trina to leave her husband?

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