Geraldo has taken to Twitter to share his valued opinions about Whitney Houston and Trayvon Martin because someone asked him, I’m sure.

Yesterday we found out the cause of Whitney Houston’s death and Geraldo tweeted us a reminder that once a junkie, always a junkie. Not that this is necessarily false, but there should be a level of sensitivity and respect that he should have not to stand on his soapbox and preach a lesson that no one asked to be taught. “Who got her coke anyway?” Could he be more insensitive?

Yeah, he could. The Trayvon Martin tragedy is still a bubbling topic of discussion in pop culture. His parents still shed tears every night over their fallen son and Geraldo think it’s cool to hop on Twitter and explain how Trayvon’s hoodie caused his death as much as Zimmerman’s gun did. Seriously Geraldo?

Yes parents of color have to teach their kids a unique lesson on how to present themselves in public, especially around authority, but it’s not right to say that simply because Trayvon wore a hoodie, he was killed. It almost justifies it. Smh., Geraldo must be trying to promote something because there’s no other reason for his reckless tweets.

As if the tweets weren’t enough, there’s video.

What do you think about Geraldo’s insensitive tweets? Let’s discuss on Twitter @Rhapsodani.

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