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These days every time you catch Beyonce galavanting around town with Blue Ivy, she’s violating fashion rules-a-plenty. But to have the Beyonce stans tell it, she’s adjusting to motherhood and doesn’t have the time anymore to come out all Sasha Fierce. That’s bull! Bey’s got nannies and assistants galore. Trust, she’s got the time to get glam. But I’m not even concerned about that. She need to take the time to at least look as if she cares about her appearance. Bey’s little sister Solange has fabulous mommy-hood on lock. Maybe she could give her big sister a few style pointers, like these:

1. The Blueprint

Ok, we get it. Your kid’s name is Blue. Does that really mean that you have to wear it every time you are with her? Does Solange wear jewels when she’s with her cutie pie son, Juelz?

2. Flat Out

Beyonce was rocking heels up until the point she waltzed into Lenox Hill Hospital to give birth. Now that Blue’s here, she seems to have thrown out her heels. Solange keeps it classy and at least five inches, even when her son’s in tow.

3. Signature Style

Solange has a sense of style that’s unique and it seems that Bey wants to have a similar sense of style, but it’s totally unauthentic on the “Love On Top” songstress. Maybe she should hire Solange as her stylist so that she could come up with her own style identity.

What do you think about how Bey’s been looking as a mom? Let’s discuss on Twitter @Rhapsodani.

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