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A hot topic on The Urban Daily this week has been Cash Money’s Brian “Baby” Williams proclaiming that he would kiss his “son” Lil Wayne on the mouth all over — again. Baby was responding to an interviewer’s question about a picture of him kissing Wayne several years ago.

Now, I’m not going to dive into the pool of questioning anyone’s sexuality, but I do have some clear feelings on the issue of kissing your kids. As far as Baby’s assertion that Wayne is his “son” thus making a kiss on the mouth appropriate, I totally disagree. I have never kissed my son on the mouth, even as a baby, and my father never kissed me on the mouth. To show affection, we hugged, or I’d give him a peck on the cheek, but most often my Dad gave me a rub on my head while I was doing my homework. I think that’s why I’m bald now, but that’s another story for another day…

If I were to give any leeway to a man kissing his son on the mouth, I’d have to put the cutoff age at 2 years old. Babies are adorable and I can’t fault anyone for kissing a sweet newborn on the mouth, but when he’s old enough to wipe his own butt, that needs to stop.

I do feel that there is a different standard for mothers and specifically for girls, but age plays a huge factor to me. While I’m not a big fan of mothers kissing their sons on the mouth either, my wife does do it to our six-year-old Justin from time to time. However, even she knows that the time is coming pretty soon where she’ll have to stop. Conversely, our 3-month-old daughter gets the mouth kiss from her constantly, but I’ve yet to do it. I’ll kiss Sabrina on her cheeks, forehead, hands and even her little feet but I’ve never felt compelled to kiss her on the mouth. Some of my female friends have said they kissed their fathers on the mouth until they were about 8-years-old and agreed that the practice should stop once a certain age is reached.

I acknowledge that there are cultures or families where parents kissing their kids on the mouth is normal, but it’s not for me.

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