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You can’t help but to love Chrissy. As Jim Jones woman, she definitely does not play games when it comes to her man and her close friends. On last night’s episode, Chrissy told Jimmy about her conversation/argument with Yandy and asks Jimmy to get rid of Yandy because she “just doesn’t get it”. Jimmy asks Chrissy if she think’s she can do a better job than Yandy and Chrissy responds with, “I can do it with my eyes closed!” You better tell em, Chrissy!

Kimbella and Emily meet up again to try and squash their long standing beef. I’m not sure why they’re trying so hard to be friends with each other. I know Emily is a sweet heart but I definitely could not be friends with someone who “dated” my ex and then ruined my “independence party”, but maybe that’s just me. Kimbella ironically tells Emily that she was offended when she came to her party and disrespected her with the “toast” (which is still hilarious to me). Kimbella continues to try and move forward with Emily, wanting to be her friend but Emily is still not feeling it. She says, “Truth be told, I still don’t want to be her friend. I have friends. I have enough of them. And none of them screwed my ex man.” Aaaamen.

Kimbella isn’t giving up that easily though, and decides to ask Somaya for help in throwing Emily another party. She asks Somaya to convince Emily to go to the party and Emily finally agrees to attend “’cause I am not a granny panty! I can have fun. And I wear thongs, okay?”

Meanwhile, Jimmy gives us a sneak peak of his new rap video (just kidding) as he’s driving over to Mama Jones house to talk about her and Chrissy’s relationship. They have a heart felt talk and Jimmy tells her how disrespected he felt when she released her single and video, “Psychotic B***”. Mama Jones eventually does apologize for the song but that’s not enough for Jimmy. “You apologizing to me is one thing, you apologizing to Chrissy and trying to get that whole situation together is another…Everybody that comes around you seems to love you so much, but you and her can’t get along. Tht s— baffles the s— out of me”. Out of love for her son, Mama Jones agrees to meet up with Chrissy and apologize to her. It seems like all is well with them, for the time being at least, as Chrissy even commends Mama Jones on money making mentality.

Finally, it’s time for Kimbella’s party with Emily as the guest of honor. She decorates the room with gift bags, sex toys and of course strippers, which everyone seems to love except Emily, who is grossed out at the sight of a man popping his parts in her face (especially after that gross story that Teairra Marie told). The girls seem to be having a great time together, that is until Chrissy arrives.

Of course, Chrissy and Kimbella unsuccessfully try and hash out their differences during the party, but their conversation seemed to make things even worse between them. “When you violate somebody the way I violated her, there’s no moving forward,” Chrissy tells everyone, “there’s nothing else to talk about.”

Poor Kimbella, just can’t catch a break.

What did you think about this week’s episode?

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