Of course last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, was full of drama and surprises, but the part that bothered me the most was Sheree’s interaction with her ex-husband and the discussion of whether or not he should pay child support for his two children. According to Sheree, her ex hasn’t paid child support for his children in four years, and he barely provides for his children. She even said that when they got divorced, it seemed like he divorced his two children as well. Sheree and her ex had a full on argument about why he should pay for his children and be apart of their life, and after he refused to change his ways, Sheree threatened to take him to court and get the law involved. Sheree’s fear is that her children’s father will end up in jail for not paying child support so she feels like she is torn and I can’t say that I don’t blame her. Who would want the father of their children sitting in a jail cell? At the same time, he definitely should take care of his children.

In other Real Housewives news, Phadera felt very bad about bringing “Ridickulous” to Kandi’s birthday party and offending her mother and brought her a gift as an apology. The ladies then go to a fashion show to support Cynthia but this time, she isn’t modeling but hosting. After butchering the names of the models, the designers and mixing up the clothing, we see why public speaking isn’t one of Cynthia’s strong points. I’m just glad that she has her good looks to fall back on.

Peter is getting ready for the grand opening of his new bar, “Bar One” and hires Nene to co-host the event because according to Cynthia, she’s a celebrity in Atlanta. When the day for the grand opening arrives, everyone is present except Nene. The girls think that Nene’s absence is due to the fact that her ex-fling, Charles, is in attendance and apparently, Nene and Charles dated when she was still with Greg. Talk about awkward…

Nene eventually arrives toward the end of the party, and steals the show, per usual. Aside from the lack of air conditioning and it’s hood surroundings, “Bar One” seemed to be an nice and upscale spot, only for Atlanta’s elite.

Check out a clip from last night’s episode here!

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