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VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” drew in five million viewers last night. Chrissy, Yandy, Emily B., Olivia and Somaya Reece have captured the hearts of women who share their same struggles and emotions.

Season two of the popular show aired with a brawl between Chrissy and cast-mate Kimbella over a confession that shocked reality television viewers.

Having introduced the ladies to Kimbella, Yandy was caught in the middle and her friendship with Chrissy hasn’t been the same since!

Do the ladies shop at these landmark malls?

Would you describe your friendship with Chrissy as a love and hate relationship?

No, I don’t hate anybody, honestly we never had to interact so closely because I’m on the business side, she’s Jim’s girl, that just added a whole new element to our relationship.

Do you think she has an underlying gripe with you?

I’ve pondered on it, I thought about it. I didn’t understand why she was mad at Kim. With myself you just hear me asking “are you serious?” I thought it would be something we could sweep under the rug and move on. You hear me ask what is the reason and can we move on?

Chrissy and Kimbella got into a brutal fight what were your thoughts on it?

It wasn’t a brutal fight, it was a “no one knew it was coming, catch you off-guard, stomp you out beat down!” I couldn’t believe she was serious, I wasn’t sure if this was for the cameras. Before I knew it she had walked past Kim then doubled back, no idea that was going to happen.

Do you think Chrissy is a bully?

I’ve never known that side of heruntil the show. She’s never been like that in my world or in real life.

Jim kind of disrespected you when you last walked out his office, are ya’ll still cool?

He plays like that, I didn’t even take that as disrespect. Every time I’m at the studio, I’m there trying to get him to do work, I’m pressuring him. He wants to chill, rap, smoke or whatever… I come, I annoy him. My line every time I walk out is ‘I’ve been kicked out of better places’ and he’ll say ‘well where was that, what hotel is that, or what street corner is that.’ That’s his way of saying bye Yandy, get out!

Do you think Chrissy may be concerned with you and his relationship?

I’m very careful with any client I have, to make sure I don’t step over that line. I’m quick to say brother, because I want to make sure the love interest won’t think it is anything more than that going on. I don’t think she has any concerns romantically between Jim and I.

Do you think Kimbella has enough talent for you to manage?

Kim really wants to get into music. I put her in the studio and gotten her with some singing coaches. Right now she is in the process of developing her talent. As far as being a reality star and modeling, she’s getting money. There’s definitely some income that is being generated with my camp and off of Kim. I’m helping her career right now on the TV personality and modeling side.

Do you think she can become a pop star?

She goes to church with me now and she be blowing. Singing in church and actually singing on key,harmonizing and working in the studio is very different. She can hold a note, she needs some help but she can definitely hold a note.

How is Kimbella and Emily B’s relationship now?

Honestly, at that fight Emily was cool, she was like ‘alright girl, I’m glad you told me.’ Emily didn’t have a grudge against Kim until after the blowup and then all of a sudden she’s mad and she wants to say her smart comments. Emily handled it in a very mature way. When Emily walked into the Black Men magazine party I thought she was being nice.

Do you think Mama Jones took it over the top with the diss record?

It’s her personality. For my mom to do it it would be because that isn’t her personality. She goes to the club with us, she wears better minks than us, she thinks she’s our age. For her it’s not really over the top because it’s who she is. She’s that kind of funky fire cracker.

Are you going to manage Somaya Reece?

What I love about her is that she’s a hustler. If she has to pay her phone bill or pay her rent she’s going out to the club like ‘I will perform, I will host your party, I’m from “Love & Hip Hop,” this is what I do and this is what I need.’ I respect someone like that.They don’t have to do things to compromise who they are, they don’t have to ask their man. Somaya has a lot going on, she has a liquor company, she has her own shoe line.She’s not sitting in the house drinking wine all day. With that being said if she needs help…yeah!

Why do you think Olivia is so mad with Somaya?

I feel like no one should put anyone down for their artistry. There’s a lane for everyone, the Latin community loves Somaya, you look on Telemundo–they love her. I think it’s wrong and I don’t think anyone is better or worse. I don’t know why Olivia did that, she’s a nice girl. I guess she was just really offended by Somaya when she said she was ‘irrelevant.’ I think she’s holding onto that and wants to make her feel that she is the irrelevant one and not her.

Tell us about your jewelry line “Everything Girls Love”:

Since the show, everyone has been going to the website so much, I’m in the process of speaking to investors because I can’t keep up! Most of my jewelry is made of metal alloy which is made up of different elements-it is 92% hypoallergenic. The bamboo earrings are so expensive because they are hand made. The prices are very comparable on a wide scale, if you go to Saks, we have similar pieces. We saw a bracelet almost the same as ours, it was like $389.

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