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Last night was the results episode of “The X-Factor USA”. Astro and Stacy Francis received the least amount of votes and had to face off and perform survival songs for the judges to see who would be sent home.

Nicole introduced her contestant, Stacy Francis, while fighting back tears. Stacy chose to sing, “Amazing Grace” as her survival song. Take a look at her performance here.

How do you think she did?

After Stacy’s performance, it was Astro’s turn. After asking the crowd if he should perform and the crowd clapped in approval, Astro sampled the Jackson 5’s “Never Can Say Goodbye”.

What did you think of Astro’s performance?

After the survival performances, it was time for the judges decisions. L.A Reid stated, “Stacy you did a really good job. Astro I thought you came out and you acted a little bit like a quitter and it upset me”, even though he eventually voted to send Stacy home. L.A Reid wasn’t the only one who had a few choice words for Astro. Simon gave him a little lesson in maturity when he noticed that Astro had an attitude while getting feedback from the judges. Simon told Astro, “I don’t like your attitude right now. So do me a favor: stop folding your arms, look at me and think about your mum watching this show, because you are showing disrespect to your mum you’re showing disrespect to the audience at home…” YIKES!

Despite Astro’s poor attitude, the judges decided to keep him and eliminate Stacy Francis.

Bye bye Stacy!

What did you think of the judges decision to keep Astro?

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