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Baseball season is about a month old and today, May 6th, I made my first visit to the new Yankee stadium. The Yanks are playing the Devil Rays and I’m ready for baseball. Watching the games on TV, the stadium looks amazing (especially on my new 46″ plasma TV) in person it is AWESOME!!!

What wasn’t awesome, was sitting there for 7+ inning and seeing my team come up short. The pitching was not bad, A.J. Burnett kept us in the game, but the Yanks could not score a run.  The boyfriend and I left the stadium at the top of the 8th with the Yanks down 3-0. Why sit around and ruin my hair (you know how us black girls are with our hair), we get in the car and I find out the Yanks had tied the game, the score was now 3-3.  Woohoo!!! Maybe we can still win this game.

Before we got out of the Bronx, the game was in a rain delay, whew, maybe we’ll make it home in time to see the last two innings. Traffic was light, got to Brooklyn, and the game resumed after a 1/2 hr. rain delay.

Mo pitched the 9th inning, kept the Rays from scoring, the Yanks came up in the bottom of the ninth, could not score, xtra innings here we go.

Top of the 10th, the Rays takes the lead with a go ahead home run. Damn!!! There’s still hope, we have the top of our lineup coming to the plate, who will be the hero tonight?

Guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. This was not the ending I expected from my boys, they need to get their act together and FAST!!!!

Thanks for the tickets DC…

Here are some pics from the palace:

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