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Yesterday, Katherine Ozment published an article on Salon about her three year old daughter, Jessie,  grabbing her six year old brother’s, William, member during bath time. Seeing her son not mind that his sister was doing this, she told him not to let his sister grab him or she might start grab all his friends’ members and she wouldn’t have friends as a result of it. After this explanation, the privates grabbing ceased for a while until her daughter said “I wish I had a penis” while cleaning up before bed.

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At hearing this, Ozment had to swallow her own reservations from her upbringing in order to rectify her daughter obvious ‘penis envy’ by telling her :

I stiffened my spine, looked Jessie in the eye, and said, “You, Jessie Joan, have a vagina.”

Although Ozment was very sure that Jessie didn’t completely grasp what she said, the tot smiled at her mother with pride. She then walked over to William and teased him:

The next moment, Jessie walked over to William, put her hands on her hips and, swaying back and forth, sang to the tune of nana-nana-boo-boo: “I have a vagina! I have a vagina!”

Later in the night, William tried to trip Jessie up asking if she knew where her vagina is to which she replied while patting her privates, “Yes, I do. My bajina is right here.”

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I think Ozment’s story is a great lesson in how young children can start talking about sex, the difference between boys and girls, and needing to know how their bodies are wonderfully made. Many parents dodge the sex talk with their kids resulting in them seeking advice from friends who know just as much, or as little, as they do. She didn’t let her conservative upbringing hinder her teaching her daughter about her body and not making her feel ashamed of it.

What was your first sex talk like? Did you go to your parents, or your friends? Tell us your stories!

Source: Salon.com

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