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Packing is one of the most stressful aspects of summer vacation. But with these tips, you will find packing easier than ever!

Here’s a few tips to make packing for the next vacation stress-free:

1) Personal Items (make-up, sundries, hair products, prescriptions)

Pack just essentials. Anything you might forget can be purchased at the other end. Use Ziploc bags, just in case items open in flight.

2) Clothes

Check online for the anticipated seasonal weather for the vacation spot. “Mix and match” tops and bottoms for easier packing and more outfit flexibility.

3) Shoes

Shoes kill space, so pack as few as possible. Pack each pair in a recycled grocery bag so as not to soil other clothes.

4 )Accessories (jewelry, belts, purses, scarves)

Go with basic “Mix and match” and try to take only costume jewelry. Expensive bling may disappear, no matter how secure the hotel may seem.

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(from sheknows.com)

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