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ARIES – March 21 – April 19

Listen up for some new and exciting news from your lover or close friend this week. Be very careful not to be compulsive when making a major decision, a decision could come back to haunt you. Easy does it with the exercising, too much too fast may cause injury that lingers. Think before acting and avoid a mishap that’s waiting to happen. Money comes and goes over the next few weeks, keep it from going.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

No jumping to conclusions this week, hear the whole story before responding or reacting. More talk of a major purchase surfacing, property, house etc., be clear on the financial commitment involved so it won’t become burdensome. Someone needs to talk to you and it may seem that they talk AT you, remain calm. Be careful not to lose an up and coming opportunity by being too rigid and not flexible, compromising is the key. Spend more time around those who inspire and motivate you, instead of those that do not and bring you down with constant problems. Time to make some moves in the love department, be open and show interest.

GEMINI – May 21 – June 20

A good time to increase your social status. New friends, new associates and good times are waiting. Trip being planned that will be very successful. Extra money comes in, but evaporate like water, be sure bills get first priority. Do not put demands on others at work, do your part and work as a team, too much tension will cause conflict in the work place. Someone special is on the way that stimulates you physically and mentally, could be a permanent situation. Your emotions will be a bit on edge this week, so do not make promises you cannot keep because the pressure may push you right over the edge. Still keep looking for new unfound opportunities; they are waiting for you to find them.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Last minute or sudden change of plans comes up out of your control. Roll with the changes and do not make a big deal that escalates these things sometimes happen. Do the best that you can to help those who need your help without trying to fix them. That is up to them and not your responsibility. Light shines around your love life and gets brighter, being more social brings you in contact with new potentials. This is not the most exciting week for you, that is ok because the next few weeks will be excitement filled, hold on.

LEO – July 23 – August 22

Time to think through all your ideas and make decisions about your future. Time to be active and motivated instead of lazy and dreamy. Do not be surprised if someone from your past will come calling. Tread with extreme caution. Any and all papers that you sign need to be read carefully and thoroughly. Fixing up or making some changes in your living environment will raise your spirits. Watch your tone when talking to others, sometimes you come off as too bossy or authoritative.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22

Sit back and watch what’s going on around you at work. Expect conflicts between co-workers and you will not be included or be in the line of fire. Looking ahead at your hopes and wishes gets you motivated to set and reach financial and business goals. You can have what you want, however, more work and effort precedes your success. Let love and romance take a back seat for now. The real priorities are in work and financial victories. Love shows up unannounced and surprising.

LIBRA – September 23 – October 22

Things this week are not as bad as you think. Take a step back and put things in the right perspective and it will not feel so overwhelming. Take a few deep breaths. Allow those who offer to help to help you, you have been there for them it is now their turn. Mixing business and pleasure sometimes helps you get ahead, but watch how you do it. If currently involved, make it a point to let your partner know how important and needed they are. First of the year, money lines up at your door, be sure a plan is in effect to get the most of that time.

SCORPIO October 23 – November 21

Time to unleash some bound up tension. Make a greater effort to be social and meet new and exciting people; good times are waiting for you. Behind the scenes meetings are taking place this week that will affect you in a very favorable way over the next few months. Secrets you share now will be revealed in the coming weeks, so be aware of what you say and to whom. Good results are coming after you made changes and stuck to them. A potential love connection can be enhanced if you make an effort to spend some time. Being kind will get you what you want, arguing and being difficult will do the opposite.

SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21

Do not allow uncertainty keep you from going forward. Everything is a gamble and you will improvise if needed. Within weeks a big increase in your finances will hit. Keep some distance from those who over indulge and over spend, you just might follow suit. Stop talking so much about what it is you want to others and just do it. Talk is cheap and that is exactly what they will be saying. Emotional ups and downs in love occurs, make the best of the ups and be quick to release the downs or negative. Sometimes it is important to tell your true feelings instead of holding them in.

CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 19

Be cautious of any business deals over the next 30 days, someone will misrepresent themselves and could cause a lot of regret on your part. End of the year/beginning is a much better time for business deals. Now is a very good time to reconcile or forgive those who you feel hurt you and meant a lot to you. But do it slowly and carefully. Be sure to check car for any mechanical issues, a routine maintenance check is in place. Your quest for love and companionship is about to see the light of day. Money will be bouncing back in a more consistent way in the next few weeks.

AQUARIUS – January 20 – February 18

Do not settle for less, you can have what you want with patience, persistence and faith. Think twice before you speak or take action, you know how you can jump the gun with your conclusions. Some confusion and drama in the household coming up be sure to talk it out and then let it go. Brilliant ideas coming through you mind to be acted on for long term money and security. It will not happen if you do not make it reality, cut through the procrastination. Potential love match has a lot of hope and promise, results depends on how you play your cards.

PISCES – February 19 – March 20

Beware of compulsive spending that may cause you to go way outside your budget, it won’t be good. It is very important to stick to your budget to get your finances grounded. At work stay away from any and all conflicts, you could be made a scapegoat even while innocent. Love and peace of mind is working their way into your life. Be sure you are not settling for less because you have a lot to give. A transaction that has been in a pending status for a long while is about to surface with good results. Your life has been repeating the same routine over and over for a long time, step outside that routine and see what else the Universe has in store, be fearless and adventurous.


I live in Ft Bragg, North Carolina and I am in the military. I met a young lady here about 8 months ago and we are really in love with each other. She has 4 children and I have none, but that does not bother me. My mother is from Mississippi and believes that my girlfriend has put what she calls roots on me to keep me and make me fall in love with her. It is quite crazy because my Mother use to always tell me not to eat spaghetti or meatloaf because some women would put their blood in the food like a spell. I do not believe that this woman would do this and I genuinely love her. Do you think this is possible?

Sgt MP

Hey Sgt,

Being from the south myself, yes I have heard of this kind of thing where the woman uses her blood from down below to get and keep a man. This is absolutely disgusting and not to mention very unsanitary. I do not see where this woman has done anything “magical” to keep you in her life. It is a real connection and there is a lot of happiness and good times ahead. Your Mother is being a somewhat typical Mother in that she wants you with a woman without so many kids because she feels she knows whats best for you. You need to listen to your heart and mind when it comes to this. Do not listen to your Mother’s accusations of “hoodoo” to scare you away from this woman. I can only hope that your Mother did not partake in such actions in hopes of holding on to someone, not only is it gross it is deceitful and can be disastrous to someone’s health. Any woman or man for that matter that goes that is crazy enough to do something like that to have love is going to be one hell of a partner!! And not in a good way. Enjoy your relationship and let go of any of the nonsense that your Mother is talking about. That is folklore from many moons ago and no proof that that crap works. I think if you put that grain of thought in your mind anything is possible, so please do not listen to that stuff. Take it easy!!



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