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According to an anonymous groupie Andre 3000 isn’t a great lover. She also claims to think that he is gay! MTO obtained an exclusive, very detailed account of his and her sexual encounter which portrays him as a mediocre sex partner.

Read an excerpt below:

“He wore boxers and not tighty whities like the other girl stated. He must have changed over the years. He didn’t lick/suck my toes but I did take his boxers off and he is kind of large. But I realized that his ***** was crooked. Its not pretty at all. That turned me off. I just wanted him to put it in me already. He did kiss me and he did kiss me alllll over. He made sure to get me nice and ready. He is an okay lover. Not great. And his ***** wasn’t all that. His body is skinny and he slouches. I forgot to mention that he fell asleep afterwards too. That part was so lame. Wait, and he was cheap! He was a real cheapskate too.”

Well we would hope he didn’t give you his all…after all you are just a groupie!

Find the rest, here.

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