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Hot on the heels of Real Wifeys: On the Grind comes the second installment in bestselling author Meesha Mink’s racy new series featuring more of her critically acclaimed trademarks—drama, scandal, sex, and street-smart sassiness.

On The Grind (Touchstone Books/Simon & Schuster Trade Paperback Original; January 2011; $15) introduced readers to Goldie, a misguided young woman who was bold enough to run a strip club out of her apartment after her relationship with an older, wealthy man is ended by his wife. Now, REAL WIFEYS: GET MONEY (Touchstone Books/Simon & Schuster Trade Paperback Original; January 10, 2012; $15) brings us Harriett “Luscious” Jordan, a former friend of Goldie’s and minor character in On the Grind, who now takes center stage and whose strong will and ruthlessness surpass even Goldie’s.

Goldie’s ex-business partner, rapper Make$, is serving hard time in prison for his role in covering up her brutal rape. His wifey Luscious finds herself out in the cold as his family and friends close ranks to protect his money. Like Goldie, Luscious is a first-rate hustler and she soon builds a successful business as a party promoter. Yet the force that truly drives her is a blazing ambition to destroy Goldie. Luscious never forgave Goldie for sleeping with Make$ behind her back and she’ll stop at nothing to exact revenge.

You can pre-order your copy of Meesha Mink’s upcoming book, REAL WIFEYS: GET MONEY on Amazon, HERE!

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About the author:

Raised in the gritty Central Ward of Newark, New Jersey, Meesha Mink beat the odds of being raised in a single family home. Thankfully, with a strong and resilient mother who worked hard and struggled not to raise her two children in the projects, Meesha Mink knew there was more to life than just drugs and violence. From a young age, her mother introduced her to reading and used it as a tool to teach Meesha and her brother to know more so that they wanted more.

As a child, she remembers writing her first story in the second grade. At that time horror was her genre of choice. Over the years Meesha Mink continued writing short stories and poetry. She even recalls making up stories and entertaining both her friends and strangers on the back of a New Jersey transit bus on her way to and from University High School. Even then she was a natural born storyteller.

She went on to attend Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey but writing always called to her.  A college professor commented that although her essay on the Million Man March was “more emotion than fact”, that it was stirring, uplifting, and inspiring. He suggested a career in writing and she promised herself she would have a book in print before she reached the age of thirty.

While unsatisfied with her career after graduating college with a double major and a minor, Minke began writing short stories for African-American romance magazines. She soon gained the confidence to write a full-length novel–an African-American romance–which eventually led to the completion of a dream as the first book she ever finished was offered a two book deal by two publishers. She has since written over twenty books under a different name in the romance and women’s fiction/mainstream genres.

Interested in telling the stories of the urban environment which help shaped her into being both street savvy and educated, she felt the urban fiction genre was calling to her.

Her urban fiction debut, c0-written with De’Nesha Diamond, led to an amazing deal with Simon & Schusters’ Touchstone line.  They went on to pen an entire trilogy together that has been defined as classic.  The bestselling HOODWIVES series includes Desperate Hoodwives (January 2008), Shameless Hoodwives (August 2008) and The Hood Life (January 2009).  Meesha’s solo project, Real Wifeys: On The Grind, dropped January 2011 with Simon & Schuster’ Touchstone line. The follow-up to the bestseller, Real Wifeys: Get Money, will be released January 2012.

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