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Whether we like it or not, many people still wish (sometimes subconsciously or quietly) to find someone who can be a “breadwinner” for various reasons – so they can stay home to raise children, focus on a dream career that has yet to produce reliable income, or simply for material comfort.

The folks at has put together a list of the top 10 signs that let men know that you’re a gold digger:

1. She asks you to buy her something or borrow money early on in the relationship.

Unless you are fine with the idea of paying for your sex and the company of this woman, this is a red flag.

2. She wears a long weave down her back, cakes on the make-up and doesn’t have a job.

This is probably controversial for a lot of people, but we need to throw the political correctness in the trash if we are talking about saving you money, embarrassment and extended headaches. Trust me; if she has a long fake weave down her back, sans the job, you should be “extra suspicious” of her intentions. If you must, make sure you put these types under several stress tests to determine if they’re genuine or not.

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3. She never offers to pay and only says thank you occasionally…as if she’s entitled to your spending.

A man should pay for the first date and a thank you is necessary. In terms of indentifying diggers, a thank you after a small dinner means more than her going down on you when you get her back to the crib. If after several dates she has never offered to pay for anything, you should be suspicious.

4. She only wants to go to expensive restaurants.

After impressing her on the first or second date, take her to a few inexpensive places like Red Lobster and see how she reacts. If she reacts unappreciative or complains, she is either a digger, or may be too high maintenance. Don’t be a punk or weak for the panties and call the digger back. If you do, you may as well hire a dime quality call girl which will save you some money and more than a few migraine headaches in the long run.

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We’ve compiled a gallery of some celebrity gold diggers:

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