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On this weekend’s episode of the MTV series “True Life,” the show higlighted women who are dissatisfied with their small breasts. One particular subject stood out, however – 18-year-old Shacole, who wasn’t actually as dissatisfied with her cup size (32A) as her mom was. Mom, who entered Shacole in beauty pageants as a kid (and made her wear gel inserts to make her breasts look bigger during pageants), insisted Shacole get breast implants – and even go so far as to enter topless pictures and videos on a website in the hopes of getting free surgery.




I can’t, for the life of me, understand what mother would encourage her daughter to get breast implants in order to be admired more than she already is. The girl is absolutely adorable, and you can see the discomfort in her face when her mother openly mocks her breast size on national television. It kind of made me want to throw up.

Moms: would you ever encourage your daughter to undergo plastic surgery for purely cosmetic reasons? Why or why not?

To watch a clip of Shacole and her mom talking about her breasts, click here.

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