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If you missed last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives LA” you missed an explosive episode! Of course, in every episode Draya is the target of everyone’s aggression but in last night’s episode, the ish really hit the fan.

We left off last week with Draya and Laura going at in the boxing ring at the MMA class and Laura getting a little too aggressive and beating the crap out of poor Draya. After they finally broke their “fight” up, Laura walked away like she was Floyd Mayweather or something and Draya brushed it off like nothing happened. Obviously, Laura was upset at Draya after hearing that she was talking about her and her children and decided to let all her aggression out at once in the boxing ring. She responded, “If I wanted to beat Draya up, she’d feel my wrath. That wasn’t no wrath”, well alright then!

If that wasn’t enough Draya drama for you, Jackie and Laura decided to dig a little deeper into Draya’s past and find out just what this chick was really about. They took it to Google and found sexy pictures of Draya and a few old blog posts about her. After looking a little deeper, they found a police report that stated that Draya’s son was left at home alone for days and called 911 himself. “That’s some deadbeat s*** right here”, Laura said after seeing the police report. Jackie and Laura decided they were going to print out the police report and share this new information with the rest of the group and eventually confront Draya.

The ladies have brunch together where they discuss this new information on Draya. Everyone seems surprised except Imani, who informs the ladies that this is the reason that she called Draya worthless at the passion party. “Everybody was like oh, is it because she’s a ho? And I’m like hos are a dime a dozen, I know plenty of hos, that has nothing to do with it,” she stated.

The time finally comes for the ladies to confront Draya about this new information. The conversation starts calm but then escalates to the point of Draya being in tears. She explains, “My son has never spoken to any policeman. He would never be alone. When he’s not with me, he’s with my mom.” She goes on to say that the story was false and that the reporter was even fired for his false accusations.

Malaysia was the only one who believed Draya and sided with her while the rest of the girls weren’t having it. “I feel like at this point she’s lying about everything. At this point she’s a disaster and a menace,” Laura said before storming out of the restaurant before Draya had a chance to defend herself. (okay Laura…)

SMH…. drama drama drama..

In other “Basketball Wives LA” baboonery news, Gloria and Matt sat down for dinner with Jackie and Doug where Matt expressed his love and admiration of Gloria and admitted that he was finally ready to walk down the aisle with her, believing that she is the one. Gloria, shocked, took everything in slow strides and later explained to her sister, Laura, that she was ready a long time ago, but now that she has so much going on with her life, she just wants to keep things the way they are.

Jackie has a “peer mediation” with her 18 year old daughter, Chantel, asking her about her dating life. Jackie is shocked and disappointed to find that her daughter has kissed a boy before (come on she’s 18 years old…) without coming to her first.

Laura and Jackie decide they are going to help Imani find a man and ask Imani some of the things she looks for in a potential mate. Jackie’s intention is to find Imani a nice boyfriend while Laura just wants Imani to get some sex “D*** a man, I want you to have fun” Laura stated.


What did you think about this week’s episode? Do you believe Draya is telling the truth or do you think she really is a bad mom? Do you think the ladies had a right to check Draya about her parenting skills? Keep up with me on Twitter! @xoxoSHAR

p.s there was no “Lala Full Court Life” or “The T.O Show” last night :-(

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