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Kim Kardashian was confronted yesterday by one of her black women “haters” who admits that she is sometimes “jealous” of Kim K. Kim who just can’t understand why any woman would hate her glorious guts begs for the woman to get to know her in a more personal light…while they drive around town. The conversation about interracial dating arises and well Deena doesn’t take kindly to it.

Boy, Deena sure plays the angry black woman role so wonderfully (literally she played the same character on RuPaul’s Drag Race). Kim Kardashian defends her curvy figure and dating history claiming that she shouldn’t be blamed for how thick she and Armenian women are. Kim then defends the fact that she doesn’t know a lot about  the black culture (she just dates a lot of black guys).

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People have come to the conclusion that the show was scripted and if so–the CW just committed a crime against black women!

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