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Missed last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives LA”? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a full recap right here!

On last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives LA”, Draya continued to remain at the center of everyone’s attention as the wives discussed Draya’s behavior at the BET party on last week’s episode and her groupie reputation (again). Although the focus should have been on Jackie and her upteenth wedding plans (because she says, “If you’re always planning a wedding then you don’t have time to plan a divorce”) the topic of EVERY conversation couldn’t help to revert back to Draya with Malaysia trying to understand why Draya asked her to open her legs (which still confuses me), Imani demanding an explanation from Draya about her arrest and conviction of child endangerment (I guess Imani thinks she’s the FBI or something..) and Jackie deciding whether or not to invite Draya to her bachelorette party and wedding. Jackie went on to say, “She [Draya] can f*cking look at me out the corner of her eye and I’ll have her removed. I don’t want that ish around my husband.”  Ouch.

As the episode went on, Imani addressed Draya explaining to her why she called her worthless in last week’s episode (which is very disrespectful in my opinion) and asked her the million dollar question: Why  was she arrested and convicted of child endangerment? Draya explained to Imani that the story in the media was false and that people loved to make up rumors about her personal life due to her past relationship with Chris Brown. Sigh.

The girls threw Jackie her very first bachelorette party which was full of drinks, toys and of course strippers. Although Draya brought some wild, x-rated gifts to the party, Jackie and the rest of the ladies actually felt accepting of Draya at that moment and decided to give her a chance, finally. (Was it the drinks in their system or the fact that Draya was the only one giving the stripper some play? Maybe a combination of both)

In Draya’s defense, it seems like she is really trying to be accepted by being herself and I actually commend her for putting up with the constant judging and backstabbing comments. I guess she isn’t phased and can definitely hold her on. While meeting with some of her “real” girlfriends to go sunbathing, she confided in them that she was sick of being judged by her new “friends” but didn’t hesitate to let us know that “she’s a cold b*tch” so I guess it’s best to stay on her good side!

P.S. Did anyone see Gloria on this past episode?

What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Was Imani wrong for demanding an explanation from Draya about her past? Was Jackie a little too uptight at her bachelorette party? If you missed it, check out the full episode below! Keep up with me on Twitter! @xoxoSHAR

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