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Sadly, all the drama has come to an end as last night was the reunion special of this season of “Basketball Wives”.  I think it’s safe to say that this was the best season so far! Between the addition of Meeka Claxton, the fight between Jennifer and Eric, the love between Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn and Tammy slapping Meeka, it’s been an extremely entertaining season!  Our favorite “wives” definitely brought the drama during the reuinon special, as usual, and had everyone dying laughing at their jokes towards each other! I don’t know what was funnier: John Salley’s facial expressions throughout the night or Evelyn going IN on Meeka’s earring stylist! Either way, there were so many HILARIOUS and WTF moments from last night’s show that I had to list them all here!

1. Right off the bat, Royce brought the heat. She commented on her fashion sense (or lack thereof) and explained that she never considered herself to be a fashionista and had more of a tomboy/athletic style. At least she admits it!

2. Evelyn went IN on Meeka and her desire to fit in with the “circle”. She called Meeka “thirsty” on numerous occasions and even commented on the fact that Meeka “copied” her and Jenn’s earring style. Meeka responded saying that her earrings were custom made by her own stylist which didn’t sit well with Ev at all! Evelyn, being the fiesty one that she is, yelled for security to come and take Meeka’s stylist off the stage after getting into a yelling match with her during taping!!! SMH

3. Tami and Meeka still can not  get along! Meeka still tried to defend herself against Tami while Tami continued to go in on Meeka! Tami even gave Meeka a new nickname “M.L.C” which stood for “Meeka Liar Claxton” and Meeka responded by calling Tami “T.H.R” which stood for “Tami Hoodrat Roman” (is it just me, or is this HILARIOUS!?). The girls also commented on Meeka’s decision to sue Tami over the “slap heard around the world” but Meeka was not backing down! I wonder how that situation will pan out. Would you sue Tami if you were Meeka or is she being a little dramatic?

4. Jennifer touched slightly on her relationship with Eric, her divorce party and if she was in a relationship at the moment. She didn’t give up too many details on her current relationship but just kept it simple by stating, “I’m having fun!” Royce definitely killed the mood when she butted in and asked Jenn if she was sleeping with the man she is currently seeing, just to spite her and stir up some more drama, as if we needed anything extra.

5. Shaunie and Suzie seemed pretty quiet during this part of the reunion special. In fact, Shaunie has been pretty non-existant all season long! Whats up with that? Hopefully they will speak up more on part two of the reunion special!

I can’t wait to see what all will go down on the second part of the reunion special next Monday! Tweet me during the show! @xoxoSHAR

What did you think about this week’s episode of “Basketball Wives”?

In case you missed any of it, check out some clips from the reunion special below!

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