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Melanie Fiona pours her heart out in a new track  “4AM,” because she can’t sleep as her man is out doing his dirt. The singer says:

“It’s 4 am and my lover won’t answer/ he’s probably somewhere with a dancer/sippin’ champagne while i’m in his bed……it’s 4 am and i think i might lose it/ this M*therf*cker thinking i’m stupid/ he must’ve bumped his head.”

If you’ve ever been in love, we’re sure you’ve been up late at night, maybe even at 4AM wondering where the hell your man is? You probably got dressed and went looking for him. We did!!

Melanie’s “The MF Life” is set to be released October 25.

Take a listen:

We hope the video lives up to the song, flashback to “If It Kills Me.” This track has to take this amazing singer to the next level!

Are you feeling this song? Let us know.

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