If you are anything like me, you are always searching for the perfect work diversion to help survive the Monday through Friday monotony. Enter Twitter, your BFF on any given workday. Between random Twitter beefs, exclusive pictures, and the range of other ratchet behavior that takes place in 140 characters or less, it’s little wonder that the social networking site is used more by Blacks and Latinos than any other group on the internet.

Of the 544 people that I presently follow, the timelines of athletes are often must-read material. Why? Why not is the better question. Simply put, athletes generally have the time, money, and means to provide endless entertainment. So for this week’s edition of A Woman’s Guide to Sports, I decided to compile my own personal list of the top five athletes that you need to follow on Twitter. Of course, these are athletes that appeal to us. No Tony Hawk, no Kaka (No shade). My criteria for this list is as follows: number of followers, frequency of tweets, entertainment value, influence of posts, and their overall ability to make me LMAO. Here are the results. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

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