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Here at Hello Beautiful, we are proponents of encouraging everyone to get educated and achieve their goals. Soledad O’Brien, creator of The Soledad O’Brien Brad Raymond Foundation, was deeply influenced by the problems facing teenage girls on her visit to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Hearing the stories of young women who needed encouragement, mentoring, and scholarships in order to continue going to school, O’Brien and her husband were compelled to step in and help these girls.

Watch The Video of Soledad talking about personal stories about specific girls that this foundation helped:

One thing that O’Brien appreciated from her experiences in this foundation is the small amount of effort that is required to truly influence someone. She found that by just assisting others with a some money and some positive thoughts, she was able to help them excel to the point that ivy league school became within reach for them. She notes that “The core [of the foundation] is to get young women to and through school.”

Soledad O’Brien and her husband Brad Raymond treat these young girls as they do their own kids. Soledad proudly states that she does what she can to make their dreams reality, just as she does for her own kids.

Soledad will be hosting an event this Friday August 12, 2011 at 7P in Bridgehampton, New York.

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