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How far would you go to prevent saggy boobs? Interesting question, I know! Well, some mothers in the UK have decided to take cabergoline, a drug normally prescribed to HIV-positive patients to stop milk production, to avoid the effect that breastfeeding would have on their breasts. Moms are opting to take the meds for what is being described as “social reasons.” According to an article in the Daily Mail (a UK-based paper), an obstetrician in London who has prescribed cabergoline to patients who could not or did not want to breastfeed said, “For some women their breasts are an important part of their sexuality and they don’t want to use them to provide milk.”

Come again?

Rant initiating in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Okay moms, let’s be honest with ourselves: pregnancy alone changes your life in so many ways, and many of us look for ways to maintain our sexy throughout. We slab on the cocoa butter, even take a few yoga classes, and look for all the old wives’ tales on how to bounce back after delivery faster. I completely understand the desire to keep the “girls” in tip-top shape, but some things are made to stretch and expand during pregnancy – your breasts, your belly, and your (as Oprah would say) vajayjay. For the most part, everything snaps back to the way it used to be, save a few changes in the look or feel of things (for the good or bad). It also must be said that it has been a proven that breastfeeding does not cause saggy breasts; in fact, in a study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there was no difference in the degree of breast sagging between women who breast fed and those who didn’t. It is the actual weight gain/loss of each pregnancy that contributes to the change in firmness and breast shape. Either way, your breasts were made for milking. I’m sure your boo may have lead you to believe otherwise, but there is nothing more natural than the milk that you produce for your child. I’m not judging those that have opted not to breastfeed because of medical reasons, but speaking to those that choose not to for vanity purposes. The benefits of breastfeeding your child outweigh the cons. It has been proven that breast-fed infants have lower rates of ear infections, respiratory infections, allergies, and other medical problems. For moms, breastfeeding may help reduce the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and postpartum depression. If that’s not incentive enough, breastfeeding also helps you burn calories while nurturing your child, which helps your body “bounce back” after delivery.

To read more on the benefits of breastfeeding, visit womenshealth.gov

And for tips on successful breastfeeding go to fda.gov.

Woman arrested for breastfeeding while driving

How far would you go for a child in need?

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