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Here in the states, couples rarely admit to sleeping in separate beds, but across the pond not only do one in five couples avoid sharing a bed, they claim it improves their sex lives, too. An article in the Daily Mail tells the story of engaged couple Laura Mason and Colin Byers, both of whom are 28 and have slept in separate beds four of the last five years they’ve lived together. Citing sleep incompatibility as the reason for their separate beds – his snoring and warm body temperature keep her awake at night – they say their relationship and sex life improved when they stopped sleeping together: “We are just as close as ever. In fact, as soon as we made the decision, our sex life improved. We’d had a great sex life in our first year together, but having no sleep was making us too tired and irritable to crave that intimacy.”

They realize their arrangement is unique and may cause others to raise their eyebrows. “It seems to be the antithesis of romance,” Laura admits, “and other people’s attitudes make us occasionally question our judgment-if we love each other, surely we should be able to sleep in each other’s arms.” But they insist that they’re every bit as romantic and affectionate as couples who share a bed. They hold hands, cuddle on the couch, and start the night in the same bed before they separate for a good night’s sleep. Before they made the decision to sleep separately, they say they were always tired, and snappy with each other as a result. “I am looking forward to a long, happy marriage to Laura,” Colin says. “We’ve just had to accept that we are not sleep compatible and make a rational decision about it. I really don’t care what other people think-this works for us.”

This seems fine and good for Laura and Colin, and they seem sincere in their need for adequate sleep, but when are separate beds the sign of a relationship that’s in trouble?

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These two aren’t afraid of sleeping in the same bed!

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